Thursday, July 29, 2004

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

I'm leaving on a jet plane

(wow, did ya catch that? the beautiful fusion of shakespeare and jon denver...)

I am very excited for my trip...
but I'm feeling sad to leave behind my little ones.
oh, i'll enjoy every minute of my free time, don't worry.
but man oh man...
do you remember how slowly 10 days passed, when you were FOUR??
i think they'll have lots of fun and hardly know i'm gone...
but i also know that they'll miss me almost as much as i'll miss them.

so i've cleaned my whole house and packed my whole closet and i think i think...
i just might be ready.
i miss that feeling of euphoria i used to get upon arrival in maine...
i miss the aching i used to feel to live there again.

i hope some of my old friends are around while i'm there.
i can't believe i forgot to let them know i'm coming...
i guess i'm more involved in my life here than i used to let myself be.

this is a shitty post.
it's gray and brown and tastes like tofu.
it's monochromatic.
it's the dried husk of a corn cob.
it's ugly and sad and boring.
because i'm fucking exhausted and excited and sad.
i can't.

my mind is numb.
maybe i need food...?
have i eaten?
who knows.

i do think you should all go check out Kevynn's new site.
it's a fantastic idea.
i did it, so you should, too.

which reminds me...
you should also go to Chaz's site and check out his latest post.
sincerity is the most flattering form of imitation.
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
yeah, that's it.
if you can guess who he's saluting, i'll give you a prize.
nah, i'll actually give you a smack on the ear if you CAN'T guess.

someone smack ME on the ear--i'm sitting here sulking and i'm

jesus h.
(i'm pretty sure the 'h' stands for Hernandez--which could be the mexican equivalent of Herndon, but DON'T get me started on that.)

i think i may be sufficiently excited.
i'm going to party.
with the lights off.
...except when i'm at the cabin, at which point, the party lights better be on!
(too bad the only people who 'get' that joke don't read this...shout out to jasmine, jeannie, julie and laura)
it's going to be FUCKING great.
and i'm going to drink too much, sleep too much, and have waaaay more sex in my parents house than they do...ick.
i'm going to go to the beach, the bar, and your mom's house.
yes, YOUR mom.
it is none of your damn business how i know your mom.
i just do.
and you shouldn't feel bad that she likes me better than she likes you--most people do, and your mom's human too, you can't blame her.

time for me to go work on fantasy friday, since i won't be near a computer again until.
really early friday morning...
i will post it mid day friday...
so watch for it.
i'll be around so i won't need to miss you suckers.

go away now.

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