Friday, July 30, 2004

Fantasy Friday??

yes, that's what it's supposed to be...
i am in Maine.
and i believe i'll use that as my excuse for having no fantasy...

we had a great flight, we're here.
nothing much to say right now.

we had outlined a rather detailed plan for having in-flight sex...
but we both chickened out.
starting with HIM.
so i had planned on writing about that...
i did have some rather steamy dreams last night, though.
maybe that was a sign.
a sign that i should be a man about it and pull a fantasy out from my deepest depths anyway.
or not so much "a man", but you know what i mean.

I'll give it a shot.

(i've started and stopped this thing 3 times already...)

and i just don't have one today.
my deepest apologies...
i'll try to do an extra one some time before next friday, to make up for it...
but maybe i've reached the end of the line.
i doubt it.
i'm feeling write.
i don't know what it is.

damn, but it was muggy when we landed in boston last night!
thick, soft air.
like being lost in a twisted pile of blankets.
too many of them, too heavy, too warm.
thank god for air conditioning in the car.

i have a fun idea!
why don't you all leave me YOUR fantasies, in the comments??
that would be soooo cool!
i would love you for it...
and then maybe i'd be inspired.
(picture me batting my eyelashes--naked)


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