Friday, July 16, 2004

Fantasy Friday?

oops...i forgot AGAIN.
i have family staying with me again, and we went out last night...
pf changs, watching hubby play drums (hot!), drinking beer and going to the karaoke bar.
good, good times.
anyway, no fantasy got written last night.
guests are in the shower, so here's my chance to churn one out---


lying awake i wonder...
sometimes if that noise i hear is you.
are you throwing pebbles at my window?
are you waiting outside for me?
and will we ride away, sure and fast into the night?
me, wrapped around you?
on your rumbling machine...
to a place that doesn't really exist.
where everything is soft and cool, yet warm at the same time.
we would be wrapped in the moment, the smell of fresh flowers and an ocean breeze somehow finding us.

we would find oursleves naked, and move toward each other.
our kisses would start out soft--but soon they would wake us enough that this would feel more than real.
we would kiss harder, and reach for each other.
the scene around us would change--
everything would be vivid and sharp.
our bodies would take over and our minds would be focused on only each other.
we would be startled to find that we knew every inch of each other, and the exploration would be made all the sweeter for it.
we would somehow know just the right ways to touch each other--driving each of us mad with pleasure.
our bodies would nearly float as they came together...
heavy breathing would turn to moans, heated skin would turn sweaty.
and again our surroundings would change--
a star-filled sky would hold us in its arms, rocking with us--exploding around us in shades of white and silver.
and then i would wake with a start, smelling you in my hair, tasting you on my lips.
and i would sit on the window sill looking out...

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