Tuesday, August 26, 2003

yes, i'm on a george michael kick

cuz, i have to say it: sex is natural sex is good--not everybody does it, but everybody should! aaaaaaaaaah. 5 weeks of celibicay proved to be too much for the girl, sadly, and when reunited with her mate she was like a cat in heat. which was a good thing.

so anyway. does it count to say i "discovered" a great new blog if i just followed a link on someone else's site? feels like cheating....oh well. check out The American Undershirt. goooooood read. clever chap. not nearly so self-centered as I. which reminds me that i'm probably more what you'd consider self-centered than selfish, cuz i love people and i love to listen but i just happen to sincerely believe that i am the central point of the universe and it revolves around me and my needs. well, duh.

and Radiohead is playing MY FAVORITE OUTDOOR AMPHITHEATER in a couple of days. i've just discovered them, and since it's my anniversary that day, i don't imagine i'll be going. but i am really growing fond of them. i'm such a music junkie.

also, i was just reading my little stories, which i linked over on the sidebar and found a couple of comments. the first was nice, normal, etc. the second was from someone who only named him/herself as bob and left no links. the message intrigued me, however, so i'm just asking if whoever left that comment is still around, please reply, or something.......i have one guess as to who it could have been, and if it's that person then i'd like to say, "ditto". but if not, then probably i'd say something more along the lines of "lisa's not my real name and i don't really live in utah, so don't bother looking for me!" Just kidding.

we were watching some movie on tv the other day and their creative bleeping was too good. The one guy called the other guy a keyhole. Instead of an asshole, I imagine….you’re such a fucking keyhole sometimes, man! i'm totally going to start using that. if i can ever stop giggling when i say it.

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