Sunday, August 24, 2003

he he he

i love the stupid ad banners at the top of my blog. for some reason (possibly all the "god damn"ing) i have an ad up there for some religious thing. it's kind of creepy how the ads are different for different viewers. at least that's what i heard.

fucking hot. so hot i don't want to leave the house. so hot that after about ten minutes of being outside while the kids rode their trikes i suggested a trip to Wally World. not because we were in desperate enough need of some dish soap and eggs that it would normally warrant a trip with the kids (hellish torment) but because i knew if i suggested it they'd be excited and we could get in the air conditioned car and then wander around the air conditioned store. but lisa, you say. isn't your house air conditioned? why, yes, i'll respond. but the kidlets aren't easily enticed into returning to the boring indoors. sad. the games i have to play to get through a day with my little tornados would make your head spin like a--well, a tornado, actually.

i'm quivering with excitment. no, i'm not going to talk about my new bed again. or the big screen tv (but i'll get to that later in the week, when it actually arrives and i can stare at it for hours, trembling...then turn it on.) anyway. tangents, tangents. no, right now i have in my posession the 5th Harry Potter book. which will be great fun to read. and it means i get to procrastinate other stuff. such as writing MY book. heh. hey, it's research. young adult fantasy, and adult romance don't have that much in common, but hey.

did you just say butt hay?

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