Saturday, August 09, 2003

i saw the sun for about 5 seconds this morning--and it was breathtaking. now it is darker than ever outside. dammmmit.

i haven't had a new email in several days, so i'm wondering if something's wrong. i mean, come on spammers, where are you??? (just realized my hits went up so i'm changing some of the following) i usually get at least 10 lame ass "lisa, do you want your p e n i s to be larger?" emails...why, yes, in fact it's so small right now that i CAN'T EVEN FIND IT!! and for the record, no. i am not interested in a m a i l o r d e r b r i d e of ANY nationality. and i am not terribly interested in becoming a millionaire overnight for a small membership fee of 29.95. i mean really. i would say that becoming an instant millionaire is only worth about 29.50.

i think i have the greatest husband alive. guess what he's looking into? buying a Harley. he must really be getting desperate. i think it just might work, too.

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