Wednesday, August 06, 2003

well well well. the kids are napping. my parents are both gone. hallelujah. i mean, just having some "space" is so oooo o oo nice at this point. living at someone else's house for a month is kind of wacky--even if it IS the house where i grew up....why did i think 5 weeks was a good amount of time for a visit????? DO NOT LET ME DO THIS AGAIN!!! it always sounds so good, from utah. aaaaaaahhhh, maine for a month, yes, that'll be nice.......then i get here and it rains and my kids are whiney and it rains and i miss my gym and it rains and my dad's testy. ack. speak of the devil. guess who just pulled into the driveway? why do i feel like a guilty teenager every time he comes home and "catches" me on the internet????? god damn it. i guess i'll go hide. blah. i hate days like this. maybe i'll go lay on the trampoline with Miss Pitt and bitch my guts out. his engine's still running. what in the bloody hell is he doing out there?

or maybe i'll call a friend in utah who i haven't talked to since i got here. later.

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