Wednesday, August 27, 2003

endorphins are my drug of choice

what a great workout i just had! damn. i just decided to join some friends on a 5k run at the end of september. Should be fun. i'll be ready to kick some ass by then. and hopefully it'll be under 90 degrees by then. i know. i should probably quit bitching about the heat. at least it's a dry heat. ha. it really does make a difference, but i don't really know which is worse. there's something so much better about being boiled alive in maine because i know there's a little corner of the ocean waiting for me which is at least 10 degrees cooler.

my kids are upstairs and i haven't heard much from them in a few too many minutes. i'm sure my new bed is either completely dismantled or soaked with water or all the dvds i just dragged up there are broken or shoved in the heat vent or something. do i care? not right now.

ooooooh. it's time for me to start plugging my hero: NaNoWriMo. do it. all of you. especially those of you who have always wanted to write a novel but even those who just thought of it 3 seconds ago. if you don't have a story in mind--tell your own story. the story of you. one month til sign ups, two months til start date. don't cheat. and buy the t-shirt, cuz seriously--i feel very much too big for my britches when i wear mine. it's a good thing. a tight little t-shirt bragging of an accomplishment--it's a good thing. wonder how old Martha's doing, anyway?

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