Monday, August 18, 2003

sunday night and i feel alright


had a rather hellish day including (but not limited to) a little anaphylactic reaction to peanuts by twin A and a fat lip on myself from being clumsy with a swing topped off by a fancy, fun dinner party where i had no fun and got no dinner. fuh-uck. i mean, really. this single parent crap is ridiculous. i mean, shit. i don't know how you girls do it. it's slowly sucking the life out of me--and it's only been a month. and praise the lord and allah and every Joe on the street--i'm almost home! tomorrow is the last day of vacation, then tuesday is travel day/hell day.....erg. i am soooo excited to see my husband and go to the gym and have FAST INTERNET and drive MY CAR and all of that wonderful stuff, but i wish i could have all that without leaving here. There are so many people who are important to me here. that's what it's all about. people who really mean something--like my cousins and my friends and their parents......aaaaaaargggggh. does anyone have a glass? (for all the whine...)

please, wish me luck. and for anyone planning to fly from boston to slc on delta around 6pm on tuesday--pay the hundred bucks. switch your flight. believe me, it'll be worth it.

I can't believe my trip is over and i'm actually looking forward to going "home". yeeeee haw.

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