Sunday, August 31, 2003

It actually worked!

My little demand/request to the Utah weather gods was a success! we've had some gorgeous days of sun and coooool temps. now if only i could find a hiker's backpack to hold two 3 year olds....i know, i'm not supposed to let them hold me back, but really! they're not big enough to go on real hikes yet. oh well. i guess i could find someone to watch one of them and then i could take them one at a time....but i let a friend borrow my nice hiker-carrier. the other one i have sucks. see? i always find a way out. that's okay. i'll take them and if i don't get any excercise because they walk so slow, then so be it. at least i'll keep my tan. cuz fer cryin out loud, people. that's what this weather was made for!!

My neighbors, my favorite neighbors. why can't they learn that leaving your teenage kids home for the weekend is a BAD idea???? more than bad--ridiculously, frighteningly dangerous. They have, of course, been partying non stop since their mom took off with my, i mean HER, boyfriend on friday. AND 15 year old chica has been driving mom's car and it totally broke down today and she was out in the driveway calling every guy she's ever met to ask for help (and since she's a bitch, it took quite a few calls...) and THEN the cops were called (not by me--i do NOT get into that sort of thing, i'm more of a live and let live type...) and so it goes. i guess i need something to keep me entertained, cuz lord knows cable tv ain't what it used to be. (okay, it's better than it used to be, but that just sounded good). they're like the trouble makin'est fools i ever done see.

okay. better get some rest before pukefest 2003 starts again. (kids!!)

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