Wednesday, August 06, 2003

well here i am back to life without the hubby. i am actually sort of wishing i could have left with him, but i know i'll end up enjoying my last two weeks of vacation...well, "know" is a bit strong...i'd say it's more like think..or imagine...or hope...or have serious hardcore intense doubts!!!!! and typing with one hand while steadying an out of control rocking chair (powered by a reckless 3 year old) with the other--not so easy!! erg. okay, he's done. he's quizzing down grandpa on the exact properties of sunscreeen....So, i'm feeling a bit burned out on vacationland, if you must know. i think i've gained at least 50 pounds since i got here (well, closer to 5, but still!!) and it's raining and my husband just left and the kids are grouchy and frankly i need a vacatoin!! oh, wait. that'swhere i am. faaaaaack. i guess i'm just screwed. dad needs the phone. fucking modems.

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