Thursday, August 28, 2003

rude awakenings

ha! just kidding becky. i was awakened this morning by a phone call. but it was great--from the one friend i have left in utah (yes, i know i said i didn't have any, but that was more dramatic!) and there's no better way to start the day. well, i can't leave a blanket statement like that with no clauses and, waking at noon is always my favorite way to start the day, or sex can be a good waker upper, or a knock on the door from Ed McMahon wouldn't be too shabby....but anyway. so i was having one of those mornings where i'm dreaming the most lucious, realistic thing on the whole planet and then my alarm goes off so i keep snoozing it and sliding back into wonderland and then she called and i had to come back to reality for good. which was a good thing, cuz i would have stayed in bed all day with that dream. and i don't need that. it was easier to let it go with a good solid distraction. now that i recall it though, i want to go back to sleep and pick up where i left off....

Bought The Good Girl last night. I love that movie. Of course, the older woman/younger man thing has always sort of kicked me in the gut. and jennifer aniston is so damn cute. love her. in fact, what i really thought was well executed in that movie was her wardrobe--for once they actually dressed their blue collar heroine in clothing that her character would have truly worn. usually they have the "poor working mother" or the "from the sticks teen" dressed waaaaay too trendily. it's silly. and who doesn't love the girl she works with, the one who says all the smart ass stuff over the PA?????? hell yeah.

also bought phone booth, against MY better judgement, hubby's choice. we hadn't even seen it yet. i am morally opposed to buying a movie i've never seen. in fact, i believe only in buying movies i know i could watch over and over and still enjoy, because just loving a movie isn't enough. there are plenty of movies i enjoyed the hell out of but don't ever need/want to see again. anyway. phone booth was fine, but not good enough to buy. oh well. it was ten bucks, what do i care?

okay, better go do something. happy 5 year anniversary to me. woo hoo!

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