Monday, August 25, 2003

finally back on the wagon

the exercise wagon, that is.

had a greaaaat workout. felt so good to run again. AND Somehow, miraculously, I actually continued losing weight while I was in maine.

Was it:
a. the lack of exercise
b. the enormous amounts of fried seafood or
c. all the light beer and late nights?

Okay, okay, so it was probably the late nights. I think I get too much sleep usually. But seriously—I looked better in my gym clothes today than when I left. I don’t know if this is how it really works, but I sort of think I built up too much muscle under my flabbiness so it just made me look bigger….all those weeks of non-exercise let the muscles dwindle, so I’ve sort of shrunk…….is someone obsessed with her body? Oooh! Name that movie: “Obsess much?” love that flick.

what a great day! i cleaned the entire fridge this morning, and i've been doing dishes and laundry all afternoon, as well as getting the master bedroom ready for its delivery tomorrow. see...there are two bedrooms downstairs and only the master is upstairs so when the babies were small we moved to one of the downstairs rooms so we could be right next to their room and NOW we are moving back up to the gigantic room, which will not even be ruffled by the size of our gigantic new bed. and tv. and i think we're taking the leather love seat up there. cuz seriously, it's huge. we've been using it as a family room these past couple of years because it's so big. sigh. i fear change. i love change, but sometimes i fear it. what a weirdo. discovered a fabulous new position last night, however. total non sequitur, but whatev. there's no conversation that phrase shouldn't be slipped into.

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