Sunday, August 17, 2003

feeling giddy

after i posted last night, i discovered that Tony Pierce the god of all bloggers, had linked me. And since I'm stuck here in dial up modem land, i havent' been checking his site as regularly (takes 8.3 years to load!) so I didn't see it. Anyway, i'm pretty damn excited.

and also, my husband called this morning to tell me he had spent the whole night with some old friends whose lives are so incredibly fucked up that he realized what a great life we have. and I agree. i just hope i can survive the flight home.

i have noticed this thing recently and i am not quite sure how to describe it. it's that moment between sleep and wakefulness when the brain is waking up and starts in immediately with whatever i was last thinking about before i fell asleep, or at least whatever was most on my mind. And I see it with such clarity, such honesty of my own feelings and thoughts. that's when i know the answer. when i've been trying to make a decision or feeling a certain way, and i wake up and--bam--there's the answer, there's the feeling that's true to me, not influenced by my thoughts, my worries. it's wild.

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