Tuesday, August 26, 2003

the eagle has landed

that's right. THE bed. i actually laid awake until almost 4 in the morning because i was so excited for the furniture truck to arrive this morning. which works well, because what do you want to do the first minute you get a new bed? lie in it. (well, only after you make it....ha) and now i have a really good reason. i've even talked my kids into watching a movie in "the new bed!!" later. they're very excited. it's so gigantic. they must think it's a whole new room or something. i'm seriously getting an intercom system so i don't have to hitch a ride over to the other side of the bed to tell the hubby good night.

who the fuck is bob? probably some masochist who knows how completely insane i'll go until i solve the mystery. probably some joe who thought i was someone else or something. but still. that is my favorite pink floyd song and it is also an interesting phrase.

my friend has this friend who adopted 2 kids. they are of an African American gene pool and she's as white as can be. (just setting up the story, hold on) so my friend and this friend and the kids were in the store the other day and my friend is a total goof ball and she kept putting things on the little boy's head and calling him like, book head or shoe head, etc and then she put a box of crackers on his head and without thinking, said, "cracker head". she got some dirty looks. it made me spit out my orange juice when she told me.

time to fill the kiddie pool and go try to enjoy the day, which may not be brutally hot...haven't checked yet.

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