Sunday, August 31, 2003

i'm shuddering again....

and this time with sheer joy. i just got home from Dillard's. happy labor day, lisa! gaaaaaaaaaaawd. i haven't been shopping for too damn long. i had forgotten the rush, the thrill......aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..........and of course, getting calvin klein jeans for pesos is always orgasmic in itself! and just a quick thanks to old Cal for marking the jeans that fit me with a size that's like, 2 sizes smaller than any of my other jeans. that never fails to twist a smile out of my face.

AND i got my hair trimmed yesterday, so the curl is back. did i ever mention that i have curly hair? as it grows it gets heavy so the curl relaxes a bit. anyway, now i'm dying to GO somewhere so i can show off my new clothes and hair and this tan before it fades (cuz utah's too damn hot to spend enough time outside to keep it and i am morally opposed to tanning beds. which is not to say that i didn't give it a try in the spring, but that should just serve as a reminder that i'm not terribly stuck on most of my least not ones involving things i won't do because they're for conceited people....hmm, i haven't used that word in a really long time--conceited. heh. i like it. gives me this little surge of high school memories or something. nice paranthetical sentence.) uh anyway. i need to go somewhere this week besides the gym. and i need my arms to hurry the hell up and get re-toned. and and and and. maybe i'll go check out one of my single friends' hot little beaus. i love calling them beaus, because that somehow sounds better than "hot little guy she's screwing at the moment"....oops, she reads, just kidding, sweetie....err....she knows i'm just jealous.

when i upgrade to blogger pro y'all better just watch out. i'm going to start posting pictures of stuff. like, to an annoying degree. Either that or i'll be too lazy to ever get around to A. upgrading or 2. posting pictures. (that was for you, jeannie!) jeannie who is still in my magical Maine. jeannie who hated maine with a deep and vibrant loathing. jeannie who i miss so much!!!

okay. i'm going to go try to download some songs from the FReaky Friday soundtrack. and yes, i'm BUYING the DVD when it's released. aw, go fuck yourself. just cuz your inner child has been in time out for the past 15 years, don't blame me. just cuz my inner child rules my universe, don't be jealous of me. i found some folders from old writing classes and i think if i get really inspired (read: remember to do it) i'll post a little story or something. ah ha! THAT'S the reason i want blogger pro. i'm such a dumb ass. i forgot that one of the main reasons i want to upgrade is the ability to post other stuff and link to it. ooh, i just thought of a fun way around that system. hold on, i'm going to try it. but i still want to post pictures so i'll still go pro. but anyway.

why yes, it did work. i'm too impatient to do it that way, though, so i'm still highly motivated to go pro. why did that sound dirty to me? why does everything always sound like a dirty joke just waiting to be told?

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