Sunday, August 10, 2003

i just found my new best friend!!! No, seriously! That's the name of the blog. but i mean it. it's time's like these when i wish i could spend a lot more time just browsing the world...wide...web. and a couple of days ago as i was scanning the list of "fresh blogs" for interesting titles, as is my wont, i noticed one titled Confessions of a Little Twin. and it grabbed my eye, cuz of the twin thing, so i clicked it. and it turned out to be a girl named Lisa who lives in Utah and took french in high school and is attending the very same university that kicked the life out of me--and has a twin sister. The sad news (and the reason i'm not linking) is that she is still drowning in mormon bull piss, so i'm not sure if i want to "go there"...........i will probably leave her a comment, if her god damn service ever works, but i don't think i ought to give her my URL, cuz she might be shocked at the content....poor sheltered one. but, she seems pretty nice and is pleasantly obsessed with Pirates of the Carib. so she couldn't be all bad. =) i'm so dramatic. anyway, that just proves that sometimes it's still a small world...after all?

i have to say, i'm waaaaaaaaay too content with this whole living with my parents thing. i mean, there are certainly things about it that would be hard on a permanent basis, but it is just so comfortable! and not just the fact that they have spent a lot of time babysitting my rugrats. i guess it's home. i am never going to be at peace with living 3000 miles from my HOME, and this visit has probably shaken the resolve that i had when i first got here--the resolve i had reached concerning my own acceptance of the current location of my life. why can't i just accept things?????? blah. or at least quit whining.

one thing i'm looking forward to when i return to that sucking black hole of Utah is that my physical fitness queen sister-in-law (literally--she's won titles in national competitions) will be living nearby and can go with me to the gym and write me up a weekly menu to kick this stubburnly fat ass of mine into compliance with the skinny treaty of 2003, god damn it!!!!!

well, tomorrow it's lobster for dinner. and a tall order of sunshine on the side, please.

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