Wednesday, August 27, 2003


if my comments box was working, FOR ONCE, i'd be a bit happier, but frankly i woke up on the wrong side of my gigantic bed. hey--that thing's confusing, there are so many different possibilities......cranky little girl this morning. could be the midnight taco hell run, ending in some inadvertently non-supreme soft tacos, and then the scorching heat because the kids turned off the AC and we didn't much for a luxurious first night in the new bed. fuck. well, at least THAT was good.

note to weather gods of Utah: turn the fucking dial down. it's god damn september. ever heard of autumn? yeah, i didn't think so.

how do they expect these kids to learn anything with such nauseating warmth permeating every inch of their stuffy schools? it's not right. there should be crisp cool air and apples.

okay, not to step entirely out of character here, but i'm a little worked up over this Kid and his parents. it's such a frightening state of Big Brother. i mean, i'm all for doing whatever it takes to save a child's life, but if his parents have different ideas from the doctor, i believe it's their CONSTITUTIONAL right to have him treated in whatever manner they feel is best. utah. motherfuckers. nazis, actually. ooooooooooh, that reminds me of my favorite new conspiracy theory! i was trying to figure out why utah and california have such high populations of blond "perfection". and that's it, right there: nazis. they somehow started secret colonies of the "master race" and they're such a big secret that the blondies don't even know they're a part of it. so to all you perfect lookingn assholes around here: go make babies with someone really ugly. (although i just realized the flaw in my reasoning: everyone looks perfect around here, not just the blondes, so it couldn't be hitler, but it's someone....perhaps walt disney????)

okay, so maybe i should lay off the drugs. but damn. they're so warm and fuzzy in my tummy........

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