Thursday, August 07, 2003

i did it! i went to the beach today. it was foggy and gray and muggy, but the kids had fun.

Sun, oh sun.
wherefore art thou Sun?
I miss thee so.
I love thee so.
I'm going to lose my mind.

heh hehe. did you like my leetle poem? it doesn't ryhme. and the first two lines are a shakespeare rip off, but that's the beauty of extemporaneousness. so fuck off. fuck right the hell off. i want to write more poetry and i wonder if this is because of that site i linked yesterday or the day before or whenever--even if that is REAL poetry and mine would be just sillinessssss....

i am in maine
i am in pain
i love young men
i love my pen
i want it all
i want to fall
in love

hmmm.....silly and deep. not my favorite form of juxtaposition, but it'll do. hey--back off. i haven't written a single poem since sometime in high school when it was forced on me. i think i'm going to explore this medium. lucky you.

lucky you
i'm lucky too
i have it all
why do i bawl?

sweeeeeeeeet, this is totally fun!!! i love rhyming. it makes me giggle. let's get dirty...

let's get dirty
let's get clean
let's get wet
let's get mean

heee heee. that actually turned me on--how pathetic is that??? i'm laughing out loud to an empty room...(this next one needs a title, cuz the word play is just toooooo rich!!!)

Going Down

jezebel went to hell
i'll go there too
if you want me to.
what do i care?
it's much more fun
than going up.

watch out!! i'm on a roll....

roll those dice, mr. nice
what will you get?
win or lose?
it's all or nothing
wrong or right
this is not your lucky night

yeah, yeah, i could work on the rythm a bit, but that would mean i cared.

telephone ringing.
morning birds singing.
fuck em all
let me sleep!

hmm....what else? well, i guess that's all for now. someone tell me to call the man child. he's 23 now, so i don't know why i insist on calling him that. a 5 year age difference isn't much, the eternal scheme of things. har! that was funny. inside joke. anyway. i have a bunch of people left to see so i better get on it!

hubby loved metalica and mudvayne opened. he bought me a shirt like i asked him to. he said it's a tank top/belly shirt. um, great. he is the only person alive who has seen my belly since it carried twins and endured a c-section, so i don't know what kind of acid trip he must have been on to think the rest of the world needs to see that mess of stretch marks and flab. arrrrgh. oh well. i guess i can wear it as a hat.

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