Monday, August 04, 2003

I know i'm the slacker queen. that's what vacation is for, though right?

so the reunion went well. ten years and some people haven't changed a bit. Some have changed for the better...others have changed for the worse...and some have just plain gotten a bit wild--which is always good! There was a sweet, quiet, little church girl (no, not me, a different one) who now sells boobs to cross dressers. good stuff! and there's a bully-dating super bitch who is now a massage therapist, new age peace lover. she seems really happy, so that's good. But some of the people who changed the most weren't even there. it was good. My husband was overwhelmed with pride in my accomplishment at pulling the thing off. i kick ass, what can i say?

We also explored my childhood memories at The Maine Lobster Festival, which is held in my hometown. I haven't been home during the festivities for 6 years, and i think i missed it that year cuz i was working, so it's been 8 years since i actually went inside the fairgrounds and ate fried dough and drank fresh squeezed lemonade...and nearly puked it all out when riding my first amusement park rides in 6 years! sheeeeeesh. i am frickin' old. we had so much fun though. and some good bands played and there were tours of the Navy ship which provides escorts for the Sea Goddess pageant contestants! i can't tell you how many girls lose their cherry to one of those guys every summer!! it's hilarious.

We saw The American Wedding last night. i am a huge fan of the American Pie movies and i have to say that overall this one was up to par. i thought the Stifler character was a little over the top at first and i wondered where the lacrosse dude was (Oz?) but the opening scene in the restaurant--lord have mercy! gooooood stuff.

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