Friday, August 29, 2003


Seriously. I mean dammmit. I guess i'll have to watch them one of the 8,000 times Mtv will replay them, but still. Hot stuff and i missed it.

so, i was at my friend's house today and she wasn't there, but her kids and my other friend was...and our 18.3 combined children were running around having a great old time. I went to check on my kids and one of them was opening a door i thought maybe he shouldn't, so i closed it. and nearly fainted. the rush of wind from closing the door brought all the odors of the room out. a room where her 19 year old brother lives. boy smell. cologne, sweat. i had to open it again just to get a deep breath of it. okay, so i'm being dramatic again, but it was truly intoxicating.

trying to scrounge up a babysitter, last minute, to go see my husband's youngest brother (he has 5) play with his band. They're really weird, and i have no idea if they're any, they have this theory that writing an actual song which enables you to play the same thing over and over is lame....they believe in strictly jamming. um. well. good luck with that. and they think that if you sell albums and get played on the radio that's a bad thing--selling out. i think they should smoke some more crack. buuuut, i am very curious to see if they are any good. so if any of you are free tonight...

i really need to upgrade to blogger pro so i can put pictures on here. I might even go raymi-esque on you and post some good ones. just kidding. i would probably be a huge dork and post pictures of my kids and my new bed...but maybe i'd get creative and take some pictures of all the amazing scenery (and no i don't mean at the gym)........hmm...............I smell, not boy smell... A HOBBY!!!!!!!!! okay, it's settled. most go pro.

oh i almost forgot. last night i had another freakishly large amount of traffic, unexplained so far. i wish i knew how to figure that stuff out. once again, perhaps i should move to a paid web stats thing instead of just a simple counter....but i did check google, just searched for "bored housewife" and i'm 6th on the list...the rest are porn sites...i still think it's funny that that's such a widely used term. oh well. i guess we bored little housewives are all a little slutty--if only in our minds!

time to go be productive. or eat something.

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