Monday, August 11, 2003

holy cow. it actually worked!! It was still overcast when i woke up this morning, but after an hour or two my eyes were filled with the glorious color of blue and my heart raced. we scrambled to the beach and had a great old time, and arrived home just in time to go to the lobster bake.

all was well.

but alas, i waited for a phone call all day, rather anxiously, but it never arrived. i hate being silly. i realized today that i'm a drama queen of the highest caliber--yes, i iknow, i'm frickin' slow. i'm sure you all already knew that but it really just dawned on me today that i thrive on dramatic situations occuring in my life---and if there's not one there, i'll find one. like making that stupid ass phone call to begin with. or signing a guestbook of a faded friend.

why must i stir up trouble???

dumb ass dumb ass dumb ass dumb ass dumb ass dumb ass dumb ass dumb assdumb ass dumb ass dumb ass dumb ass.

also, i'm totally not okay with leaving here in 9 days. fuck that. i refuse. can i do that? i think it would be really cool ( and more than a little dramatic) if i just didn't leave. sigh.

god. self centered little biotch. so what's new with YOU? yes, you. leave me a little message. tell me about your day. tell me about your life--your heartbreaks, your triumphs, your passions. what did you have for dinner?

god damn Jasmine is going to France. $229 from Boston. fuck that. i want to go to France. why does my best friend get to do all the cool stuff????????????????

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