Monday, April 18, 2005

Why did I think there would be time to post???

I was on crack, clearly.
but I've found a little speck of time, now,
you'll get your decent post.
and your indecent one.

furniture arrived safely--
and is now all set up and

I feel like writing something amazing today...
but I'm supposed to be showering.
showering is pretty amazing, I guess.
especially when you're all alone,
and the water is beating into your tired muscles
and your mind wanders...
to that special someone--
yeah, but not so much "special" as fucking sexy
and not just that,
but someone you've seen in your mind,
touched and tasted.
that someone--
or hell, even this someone, or that other someone--
maybe even all of them...
and you begin to grow wet in a whole new place,
somewhere apart from the shower's waters
somewhere deep and hot.
and when this happens,
if you're lucky enough to have privacy
(which I rarely do, even in the shower)
you might be able to lean against the cold wall,
and close your eyes
and realllly think about that person
you might be able to picture every last detail of what he or she would do...
I know I can.
I'm thankful for my imagination,
and the cast of characters it supplies.

and now.
it's time.
i'll take you all with me...
have a happy day...

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