Thursday, April 28, 2005

because I can--

I am posting again.
even though I had nothing to say,
and still have (nearly) nothing to say--
post until you feel like posting.
growing up Mormon,
they taught us "when you don't feel like praying, pray until you do."
I think this is making good use of that training.
don't you?
maybe in honor of that lead-in,
I'll even write about the first time I gave oral sex.
On BYU property, even.
to a boy who later served a mission.
personally I'm shocked that he caved like that.
he left for his mission two days before my wedding.
I always sorta thought that meant something.
purdy much.
it's a long story, but i'll cut to the good part.
we were talking,
about being rebel-children in this land o' zion.
about being 19 (him) and 21 (me) and premaritally sexually active--
in our pasts.
both of us here, trying to be "good".
Becky was there, too.
in fact she introduced us.
so we were all just talking about our different experience levels,
and I blurted out that I had never had or given oral sex.
(I had leapt out of my virginity for a brief spell at the age of 19, but ran straight back to the churchy thing)
he was...
we exchanged banter,
to the affect of "ya gotta try it" and "i'd love to".
he was really a lot of fun, in general--
not just fucking hot.
we all laughed and had a great time.
then a few days later, we ended up over there again
(carefully planned, I'm sure)
with a movie.
becky left.
Seth and I got under a blanket.
on the couch--
since members of the opposite sex are not allowed in the bedroom area of byu apartments.
we "watched" the movie.
you know how sometimes when you kiss someone it's good, and nice blah blah,
but then sometimes....
the kisses alone are so fucking amazing that you lose all control of your will power, brain fuctions, bladder--
uh, scratch that.
anywho, that's how it was.
he ran his fingers along my arm and left trails of burning embers.
our mouths worked together to drive us both into a state of frenzy--
both of us on the edge of orgasm.
he asked if i was ready...
I was.
I knelt down next to the couch and helped him out of his pants.
I had never looked at a real live cock before--
my one sexual partner had been me proving something to no one, and I had been too scared to look at it.
so there it was, hard and red,
erupting out from a cloud of hair.
becky had given me a few tips, as had my friend Julie
(hers were screamed, by the banks of a river, surrounded by trees--
punctuated by intense bouts of laughter, but proved to be sound advice, nonetheless)
and he offered some guidance as well.
a few minutes later, I was gulping down my first taste of that delicious stuff I've cum to love (har, couldn't resist).
and he was exclaiming over my aptitude.
"for a first timer?"
No, you're just good.
On the drive home, through the blackish summer night-turned-pre-dawn,
a song came on the radio,
and made me laugh out loud.
still makes me smile every time I hear it.
Collective Soul, "December"
turn your head and baby just spit me out
I giggled because I didn't do that.
god DAMN that boy was sexy.

so anyway.
here's why days like this are annoying the hell out of me:
sunny and warm, turns to cold and rainy.
how the fuck am I supposed to dress my kids on a day like that??
also, I'd like to know how they manage to time their ass-wiping needs (literally) with my food consumption.
every damn time they yell "mommy, i poooooooped!"
it coincides with me putting something in my mouth.
you'd think it would make me lose my appetite or something.
but, no.
no such luck for me.
and yes, I still wipe their little bums.
works out better for everyone, ok?
another reason that days like this suck,
is that I removed all my window coverings, in preparation for the shutter guy.
they're not going to make it.
at least not to put all the shutters up.
they better fucking start with the master bath.
I am NOT doing a live shower cam for the whole neighborhood(free of charge)!
I mean, jesus.
two enormous windows, showcasing my glassed in shower.
so, yeah.
I'll take shutters for 2, please.
something with a view.

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