Monday, April 25, 2005

I can't stop posting

this is usually a sign of severe mental instability.
or at least boredom.

I should be loading up the car to get to the gym for my 12:30 appointment.
but I'm not.
I'm sitting HERE.
chomping at the bit

had a fantastic shower.
yes, like that.
I nearly blacked out, actually.
don't usually treat myself quite that well,
but it was a good thing for a monday morning.

I'm running in a 5k this weekend.
am I ready?
do I care?
course not.

it IS braless Monday.
just until I put my shoes on.
because at that time I will also put on my sports bra.
which reminds me of how fucking LAME some girls are,
by wearing god damn push-up bras to the gym--
or, in fact, anything but a sports bra annoys the shit out of me.
it's not a pick up joint, girls,
so wash that nasty make up off, and put on a bra that will protect the tender tissue of your breasts and keep them perky well past your 30th birthday.
stupid bitches.

and now i'll go.
doubt it.
oh, and just because I haven't told you to go fuck yourselves lately,
doesn't mean you shouldn't.

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