Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's going to be a good one!!

my favorite blogger
(and real life best friend)
has just confirmed that she'll be joining the girls' night tonight!!!!
oh yes.
it's ON, motherfuckers!!
we will drink.
we will belligerize.
(yes i made that word up)
we will roll DICE!
yeah, baby!!

not only that, but I went shopping today.
and it's warm and sunny.
windy as fuck, but oh well.

and here's what's funny--
I opted against posting the tits on buzznet,
since the non-reader guys tend to get a bit handsy--
however that translates to the web--
and then I post it here,
and get blasted by some 16 year old twit.
but hey, at least we all had fun with her.

don't have much else to say.
except that I need to listen to more Live.
ok, that's all.

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