Saturday, April 23, 2005

They say that breaking up is hard to do--

but, personally, I think waking up is much harder.

especially when you have replaced your defective coffee maker
a defective coffee maker.
I'm sort of exaggerating that part, for effect--
I don't need coffee to wake up, as I've only drunk it intermitently starting a couple of weeks ago, and have not found waking up any differnt since then.
who cares?
not I.
It's just that I have neither jack nor shit to say.
so what the fuck am I doing here?
it's a beautiful spring day,
and I have much to do.
including a surly husband.
he needs his coffee.
and his saturday morning sex.
but sometimes...
the kids won't settle down and I refuse to indulge if they're prowling around.
having them knock on the door repeatedly, saying they just want to ask me something or just need a hug or just need or just need--
it detracts a little from the mood.
and it's probably a combination of maternal insticts and the fact that I get more than enough sexual attention, that I can't stand to ignore them for even a minute, at the cost of my own gratification...ya know?
damn, that sounded selfless.
don't worry, I'm not.

anyway, again--

yesterday, impromptu trip to Wendover
(Bend-over) for a little 7 card stud and black jack.
that's how my Dad spent his time.
brother and I stuffed our faces at a buff-ette and talked until we'd recovered from said stuffing.
then we realized it was time to go.
Wendover is about 2 hours from my house,
past the Great Salt Lake,
through the salt flats and desert,
and just
across the border.
it's a crappy little town.
more trailer parks then casinos.
but it's the closest/quickest fix.

then, rush home for a family dinner thing, at the far end of the other county...
but at least husband's schedule then permitted him to join us.
and at least we discovered that my brakes are SHOT.
and mostly, we had lots of fun.
I hatched a brilliant plan to get my sister and her recusive husband to come out here for a visit--
just us, and her.
but still--
it counts.
and I think he would fall for it.
she comes out almost every year anyway,
but he has never been here.
he's an engineer, just like my two brothers,
so they should be cool.
there are just so many fucking great things to do outdoors here,
that it would be really cool.
maybe Thanksgiving in Moab, or something.
no camping allowed.
I'm through pretending I like that.
oh sure, campfires are cozy.
but the rest of that shit gives me the creeps.

this is a fucked up STOOOPID post
and i'm leaving.
i suggest you do the same.
(you could take a moment and chide me in the comments, if you'd like, otherwise, beat it)

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