Thursday, April 21, 2005

Enough is enough--

that picture needs to move down, out of the spotlight.
even an exhibitionist like myself can get tired of seeing that everytime I open the page.
I feel totally out of touch--
out of tune,
out of reach.
My finger is somewhere far from the pulse of blogworld--
up my nose, perhaps??
It feels strange to be so disconnected, even for only a couple of days.
I've been enjoying the family,
and nearly orgasmic over the furniture situation.
yes, I'll definitely get photos as soon as the shutters are installed--
which is scheduled for tomorrow,
but I have this feeling it'll be put off til next week.
we are now filling in spaces in the decor--
adding those items to our final order,
which will include the newly selected kitchen table,
since the first one we ordered was out of stock.
another couple of paintings,
another couple of thises and thats...
and I'll have
I'll probably stop blogging altogether,
since it'll take so much dusting and polishing--
and a large chunk of time each day,
just for sitting and admiring it...

what have YOU all been up to?
what's happened since I last saw you?
(or "read" you?)
I want to spend this whole day reading posts...
catching up.
but I have some more things to do.
I'm sure I'll find some time later to get all snuggly at my puter,
with a snack and my feet up--
and laugh at you all.
not like that.
y'know, just, laugh AT you.
at your funniness!!!
jeeez, you're sensitive.

remind me to buy some CDs the next time I go to a store without my kids,
and god (or someone) bless you.

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