Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Thursday will begin...

caught only by a glimpse."

my favorite song.
by my favorite artist.

it's one of those days--
where all I can focus on is the show I've turned on,
to distract my kids so I can post...
well, it's distracting, alright!
CD time, I guess...

slow, spreading smile, sprouting out from the innermost part of me--
that song?
out of the 20 on that highly ecclectic disc...
song 10, plays itself first.
the song that inspired my first Novel attempt.
yeah, it's danger I want, baby.
today is a song day, start to finish.

and I just re-posted the links list to my Fantasy Friday archives.
check the sidebar...
I think the ones at the top are the earliest ones.

last night, girls night.
picked up Becky,
shared a bottle of something pink and fermented--
or distilled?
and joined the others.
usually i'm the life of a party, but with Becky there,
it's more like...
we created the word party--
we built it out of confetti and wine glasses, and danced through it with brightly colored scarves, to christen that word into use for all others.
the mormons will never be the same.
and they're thanking us.
the hot lesbian was not there...
yet again.
my fantasies about this as-yet un-met girl are growing...

I think I had something to "say" today.
The Cowboy Junkies' "Sweet Jane"...
god DAMN if that's not the sexiest song to ever create sound waves...
I love this mix, because everything's a surprise.
I made it a long time ago, and it's pretty scratched up,
but I fucking love it.
this is a song for dancing in a long dress, so light that you feel naked...
no shoes, on a sandy wooden floor,
with chairs up on tables,
and only drunk on life.
it's a song for soft, sweet love making.
it's a song for washing dishes,
and being nuzzled from behind--
encouraged gently and wordlessly to leave the task for later...
it's a song for karaoke night,
a song for a long drive through the desert,
a song for swaying hips, pressed against another body
it's a song to make love so slowly to, that the orgasm itself lasts an hour...
it's a song to draw out sweat on both bodies, making them slide across each other, in their ragged-breath slow passion...

unlike NIN's "Closer", which is for pure fucking.
fast, hard--desperate.
clinging, biting, nail-digging, panting.
it's for a friday night, after drinks.
it's for leather and whips and high heeled boots
it's for hard kisses and bodies on auto-pilot--
pure adrenaline.
that's the fucking song.

now have a happy god damn thursday, you sweet things--

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