Monday, April 25, 2005

Mondays are as cool as--

my refrigerator.
No, that's not some kind of riddle.
nor is it sarcasm.
My kids turned it OFF at some unknown time yesterday.
I should have checked it out when I took a sip of milk that was less than freezing cold.
I was already in bed, and who wants to go ALL THE WAY downstairs, walk over cold tile again, just to check the temperature on the fridge???
I didn't think they would have actually turned the damn thing OFF.
I've lost a couple of pounds of my favorite deli meats
and a few pounds each of boneless pork and chicken.
(which i had "wisely" left unfrozen because I knew I would use them quickly. grr.)
probably a jar of mayonaise.
and that's all, I think.
at least eggs don't spoil that fast--
a friend's neighbor gave me some eggs from her very own chickens!

so the moral of the story is:
Mondays are not cool and neither is my fridge.
and we'll talk about how my vacum cleaner sucks, later.

from the day we unpacked the furniture.... Posted by Hello

oh, and this picture just reminded me of something cute the little matched set of love-on-feet said the other day--
"Look! that bird's flying like a plane!"
I giggled, thinking, aw, how cute, they've gotten it close--
just a little backwards,
since we studied birds to figure out how to make machines fly, etc.
so I corrected him,
and his brother piped up--
"No, mom, it was flying like a bird, but then its wings stopped moving and it was flying like a plane flys."
well, duh.
I knew that.
maybe I'm just their mom,
but I happen to think that was mighty observant and accurate for a couple of spastic 4 year olds.
also, their teachers were gushing at me about how smart they are the other day.
well, duh.
I knew that.
happy "I'm wildly in love with my kids" day.
even if they're home from school because one of them is sick--
and heaven forbid little mirror image go without his shadow, right??
oh well.
at least it's raining and I feel like smilingly wandering around my
house with coffee and a purple scalp all day.
hope your Monday is equally happy--
and more cool.

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