Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Don't hate me because I'm better than you

I'm dying of laughter right now,
so I thought I'd share it with the rest of you.
please, before I start--
promise me you'll not be too harsh on the dumb bitch,
and please, promise me you'll just laugh with me.
because it's FUNNY.

here's a comment I got on my picture yesterday:

Am I the only one here who doesn't enjoy looking down some old broad's bra? Sorry sweety, but if you want a man, have a bit more class.

Brutally Honest,
Lindsey | Email | Homepage | 04.12.05 - 8:54 pm | #

and, of course, no email address or homepage--
god damn sitemeter, only holds the last 100 hits, and I missed her by ten minutes!
then I could have found out where she lives and hunted her down* and--
laughed at her.
that is, after she gets home from school.

here was my response, which I'm sure she won't be back to read:

hahhaa!! that's hilarious, Lindsey. and an anonymous coward to boot. I HAVE a "man", although I prefer to call him a husband, and he is wonderful. I'll not apoplogize for being a happy, sexual being. It's good fun--nothing more. oh, and I'm old am I? Now it all makes more sense: it's very rare for women to feel this comfortable with their own bodies, and by extension, other women's bodies, before a certain age. it's different for everyone, and I guess some women never really get it. Insecurity is an ugly beast. Try to get past it.

I mean really, people!! Guess what I do when I find a blog that offends me?
(and it happens a lot)
I click the fucking "Back" button.
and get on with my life.
There are plenty of sites out there where women talk only of sex and show countless nude photos of themsleves--
if that's what they like to do, then great for them.
I'm just here, being me.
I don't hide behind anonymous comments,
I don't insult strangers.
I'm not insulted, by the way.
for all my poetic angst, I am probably one of the happiest and luckiest people on earth,
and yes, I love having men (and women!!) tell me I'm purdy.
big deal.
This kind of thing happens so rarely to me, that it's fun to make a big deal out of it when it does...
Hope y'all didn't mind my rantiness.
I was feeling a little fiesty today, I guess.
ok, errands to run, dishes to do.

* I would never REALLY be lame enough to "hunt" anyone down, just for the record.

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