Friday, April 15, 2005

Fantasy Friday

wewould be dressed nicely for an evening out--
meeting friends for a quiet dinner, perhaps?
--but on the way,
our conversation would slip into a comfortable
for just a minute or two...
and I would glance over at you, as you drove,
and my heart would leap,
my body would shiver...
I would reach over and unzip your pants...
you would catch your breath,
and glance at me with that indulgent smile.
you would be hard for me,
before I even touched you,
and able to smell my desire from where you were.
you would glance at the clock--
we're early--
and then hurriedly pull of the freeway,
find a quiet sidestreet,
away from a streetlamp.
my hand would have been gliding over your cock, the whole time,
and now, as we reached a safe spot, you would push the seat back,
and I would switch hands,
and continue my caresses with one,
while removing my panties with the other.
you would growl in readiness,
and I would slip onto your lap,
gracefully lowering myself onto that tower of
so dripping wet for you already that you would slide in with ease.
My knees planted firmly on either side of you,
I would glide up and down,
as we melted into each other's mouths,
kissing in harmony with our love making.
fear of being seen would heighten the excitment,
and we would both come, within minutes,
my hot moans into the side of your head,
your shuddering gasps into my neck,
ending with a quick bite and a kiss,
your hands finally releasing their firm girp on my ass,
resorting to gentle caresses...

you know, encounters like that are so much fun--but
always leave me more turned on than "satisfied", in a traditional sense...

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