Friday, April 15, 2005

The REAL question is--

do I need coffee,
or does coffee need me?
food fer thought, right there.
ok, not really.
coffee probably doesn't "need" to be consumed.
but if it did, then the answer would be "it needs me".
and notice I said "probably doesn't need to be consumed."
as if it's up for question???
yes, psycho, coffee has hopes, dreams, desires!


to attempt "normal" for just a second,
if you'll be so kind as to indulge me,
I'm beginning to wonder if I'm gaining an addiction to coffee.
Probably not.
but it sure is fun to talk about!
at least it's a good filler when I have nothing else to say.

It's Tax Day, kiddos, don't let's forget!
if you have it, listen to The Beatles' "TaxMan" today.
If you don't, well...get it.
there's 1 for you, 19 for me!
(tax man!)
and stuff.

I should be in the shower right now.
but I like to defy authority.
that's right, cock suckers!
the preschool can go fuck itself, if it doesn't like me dropping my kids off in my pajamas!
not going to happen.
I still have...maybe 6 minutes.
then it's off on a whirlwind of errands.

I feel incredible sexual energy right now,
with no time to express it.
this couldn't possibly be a good thing.
or maybe it's only a good thing...?
I forgot to do "Character Sketch Thursday", too.
which means I'm a huge, miserable failure.
well, I guess this just means I'll have to scoot through my errands as quickly as possible, and haul ass back here.
so I can pour myself onto this page,
where I belong.

happy friday, happy spring!

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