Saturday, December 25, 2004

Possibly the best Christmas EVER

the kids are still glowing and playing--
and will probably not get through the first round with each toy until sometime next week.
movies and games and a train set (from SANTA!)
airplanes which really fly and everything--EVERYTHING is just what they wanted.
me and santy did good.
it is an amazing feeling.
i suppose i have to change my perception of christmas...
my mom always made holidays so special and i really miss that feeling.
it would help if my husband got as excited about it all as I do--
but he does try.
he was just raised very differently than I...
therefore, he has different expectations.
i can't believe 6 christmases later we're still ironing this out.
AND it's the 7 year anniversary of when we met--
well 3 days ago it was.
and new year's eve was our first...
so the holidays are sorta extra special for us in that regard.
so the moral of the story is:
at least i have my kids to fuss over now, and--
who knew?
it's actually way more fun than being fussed over!!

i did get some 440 thread count sheets, though.
and a lovely lotion/bubble bath basket.
and let's don't forget my ipoddy.
hubby broke a string on his guitar already...
and i didn't think to buy replacement ones for him to have on hand.
oh well.
we have one hour until we head to my brother's house for that shin dig.
and here i am.
in blog world.
what a friggin loser.

i hope that anyone reading this is having a happy day--
and thank you to those of you who left such warm wishes in the comments--
love you all!

UPDATE: 11:09am
i was cutting up the creme de menthe brownies i'm taking to the family thing.
i realized...
i have NO christmas spirit.
i don't know how i overlooked that this year.
usually i start building up a healthy supply of warm fuzzies in early december.
but here i sit, on christmas day--
madly in love with my kids and their joy...
but not quite in tune with the day.

i'll work on it.
as long as the kids behave at my brother's...
i think that'll just knock me over the edge into a pile of christmas spirit.
we'll see.
and maybe next year....
i'll remember to look outside my own head a little sooner than noon on christmas day.

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