Tuesday, December 21, 2004

because it's been one of those days...

no, not one of THOSE days.
a sighable, cryable sorta day--
with plenty of smiles mixed in.
clipped off the nose ring on the way out the door...
then stressed the whole way to court,
wondering if i had inhaled the end that was on the inside--
will it make its way into my bloodstream and end up in my heart and!!
stuff like that.
so then, when i went through the metal detector and it beeped,
i thought, oh my god!! it's the nose ring!
silly thing.
court was fine.
VERY interesting case tried ahead of ours.
(more in a moment)
so then to the gym and home--
arms full of shit.
kids squawking.
phone rings--
it's becky--
cuz, let's face it, who else calls me??
and we start chatting,
the kids are asking me for candy, so i give them some while talking...
i hand something to the one i think is max, and say, "don't share with oliver, this has peanuts"
and give something else to the one i think is oliver.
i'm sure you can see where this is going.
so i'm chatting away, and OLIVER holds up the Snickers, with a bite out of it,
and says--
"mom, does this have peanuts?"
impatiently, i answer, "no!"
then i see the wrapper.
he freaks and starts spitting the stuff into my hand,
i drop the phone.
we rinse his mouth,
and 6 hours later, no sign of a problem.
jesus H.
I know there are a FEW other problems out there that could use a cure...
but seriously, people.
do you know how fucking scary/annoying that is???
so then...
i spent a while trying to get a different nose ring in.
i am so uncoordinated...
i couldn't do it.
fuck you.
don't mock me.
oh yeah, so a few minutes ago, the doorbell rings.
husband says, "oh...that's _____ _____...he's bringing over treats..."
oh, and did i mention i was sitting at the table, in plain view of the front door,
wearing the shirt from today's picture??
STILL braless.
hi...how are ya? do ya like my nips? thanks for the fudge.
i hate my husband sometimes.
but only for about 3 seconds at a time, so i don't think it counts.

merrrrrrrry fucking christmas.

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