Saturday, December 25, 2004

had a nap and now i feel like writing

but, as usual, i have nothing to say.
two posts on christmas day???
what's wrong with me?
don't answer that.

i've gotten my ass kicked at Kerplunk and pick-up sticks.
i've had races with these great little porsche models on this wild track.
i've built 3 different configurations of the train track.
i've made cinnamon rolls and brownies and cookies.
marvelous family party--ate too much, perfectly.

so now hubby and i are settling in to watch a movie or two and maybe have yet another christmas tumble.

i'm not sure life could get any better.

and now--
a post.
something to read on the 26th...
the day after.
should be a happy fun post, right?

how about...something...beautiful?
maybe i could.
at least, i could write about my new house.
we bought one.
we plan to close toward the end of january,
and have the contractors finish the basement before we move in.
it's a great house.
we're keeping this one, to rent out.
blah blah blah.
i can't wait to shop for furniture.
other than that, i'm glad we have a firm-ish date,
and i'm glad it's not very soon.

i'd really like to knock your socks off right now.
or at least your pants...
but i am beginning to get the feeling i don't have it in me right now.
my muse has shoved me out onto the snow swept street, locking the door behind me.
he's probably inside, eating all my christmas candy and banging the hot chick from next door.
i don't know how much longer i can wait out here, with no shoes and no coat.
i have little icicles forming in the ends of my hair, and i can't feel my nose--
or my toes.

I just channel surfed my way to The Sound of Music.
can't beat that for holiday cheer!!!!

Happy Boxing Day, to those of you who celebrate it.
Happy day after Christmas to those of you who don't.
(someone send me a naked picture so i can stop wallowing.)

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