Thursday, December 23, 2004

Fantasy Friday #53

Hold on to your hats, folks...
or better yet, turn a fan on--
it's about to get hot in here.
And yes, this is THE fantasy Friday for the week,
because I figure today is everyone's "Friday" for the week anyway!!

(oh, and check me and the girls out here--it was a bandwagon i couldn't resist straddling..)

I'm sitting here, naked...
trying to get in the mood to write this.
...It's working.
good tunes, smooth skin creeping into my peripheral vision.
all I can think about is how it would be to hear a knock on the door right now.
I would jump, startled, and worry about my nudity for a moment.
then I would smile and grab a long satin robe.
through the mottled glass of the window on the front door, I would see a shape.
just as imperceptible as any other...
but a lightening bolt would slither through me.
my rational mind wouldn't have a chance to protest.
I would open the door without thinking.
I would bit my lip, and try to regulate my breathing as you stepped through it.
I would take a step back, letting you in enough to close the door.
the look in your eyes would...
it would answer any question I could have spit out, if I were able to speak:
we were of one will.
the cold would cling to you, and I would begin removing your clothes, wordlessly.
your eyes...
just looking into them would make me tremble.
(still sitting here naked...growing wetter with each line...)
as I pulled your shirt over your head, you would tug at the sash around my waist,
and the robe would fall open.
you would swallow hard and offer a shaky smile.
I would blush and lean into you--
not quite shy, but...
needing to feel you.
the meeting of our lips, I think, would be...
the first clue that we might have been born on the same distant star.
both strangers to this world, but at home with each other.
soft, tentative kisses would turn deep...insistent...
tongues dancing, breathing each other.
your hands would come alive,
exploring me like a blind man--
starting with the nape of my neck and my hair, then moving down my back,
around and up to meet my eagerly awaiting tits...
a soft gasp at the feel of such rough skin on such soft flesh--
and a giggle.
your lips trailing down my neck,
your mouth suddenly jealous of your hands,
you would suck and lick at my hard nipples,
and my hands would begin their own exploration--
finding your zipper almost immediately, but not fast enough--
ripping at your pants, needing them to be gone.
you would win the race
(I would let you...)
by dropping to your knees first.
my naked back would be against the cold wall,
you would lick the gentle wetness with as much restraint as you could muster...
I would moan and sigh...
and cum so fast and hard that it would surprise us both.
after licking me clean...
you would stand,
and take my hand and walk to the bedroom
I would toss you a pair of handcuffs and lay down, arms above my head.
you would grin while securing me.
the softest, sweetest kiss--
your tongue swirling around mine--
to seal the bond of trust.
your hard cock would brush against my belly as you sat back,
getting into position...
you would tease me for a moment,
rubbing your head from the top of my mound, down to my ass hole.
I would shudder, and arch into you--
I would begin squirming, the heat growing.
my softest wettest spot growing wetter by the second.
you would slide the tip inside me, giving me a false hope that my hunger was about to be satiated,
then pull out, drawing a whimper.
when finally you would slide in, my pussy would tighten around you--
unwilling to let go.
you would lean down to kiss my neck and my arms would ache to be around you,
my hands would strain at their bindings, needing to touch you.
you would sit up and pull out--
covering me with your hot white cum,
then lying down beside me, and undoing the cuffs.

something like that, at least.

Hope you all have the happiest of holidays--
however you choose to/are forced to spend them...
don't forget to be thankful for what you have.


Brandon said...

What sould I say. I read the work you have done as if it were from my own mind. I fould myself rushing through your posting to see more of my own thoughts. And I can't think of why more people do not make comments about your work.

Lisa said...

thanks, brandon, i'm glad you like it.

and, actually i do get comments, but with the new template my haloscan stuff isn't up. thanks for the concern. :)