Monday, December 20, 2004

has anyone seen my head??

I know it's around here somewhere...
I just remembered, about ten minutes ago, that i'm watching my friend's kids today.
Such a flake.

so, yesterday I felt like crap--too much to drink and too little sleep the night before.
no biggie.
But we went to dinner and to a movie last night
and when we got home I felt like I had taken a valium or something.
I was all hazy and foggy and cottony.
I fell asleep while my husband checked his work email (9:30 or so)
Then I apologized for not “putting out” after our lovely date.
I said "that’s not very nice of me, is it?"
He said “no it’s not.”
I pouted.
He said, “what?”
I said, “you were supposed to say: you’re my wife and I love you even if you only put out on days we don’t go on dates.”
“oh,” he said.“well”.
“that’s what I said! …only with different words.”

I told him it was going on the blog...
and asked him to get up and write it down for me.
I couldn't believe he wouldn't do it!
Okay, fine.
And as long as we're talking about people getting their way...
We woke the neighbors after all.

I just need to figure out how to get 4 kids to the gym and I'll be all set.
p.s. christmas does not mean "give me 850 delicious desserts so i'll blow up like a balloon."
thank you.

oh yeah, and I ordered Tony's blook, and the tracking thingy said it'll be here today!
wooooo hoooo.
It's from santa.
I'm santa.
It's kind of boring when you're santa.
But at least you always get good stuff.
So far...
I've gotten that book, my ipoddy (yes rather early), and a couple of things that are a surprise for my husband so i can't put them here yet.
Which reminds me...
Anyone know a good guitar teacher in salt lake?
That's the other half of his present (the first half being the electric guitar).
It's okay.
I can put it on here because he already knows.

And now I think I'll go shower.
Care to join me?

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