Monday, December 27, 2004

I think this is my new template...for now

A quick thank you to those who commented during my brief use of blogger's comments--
i did receive and enjoy the comments, even though they do not appear anymore.

and a huge thank you to Chaz for helping me with the trickier parts of the transition.
yes, darlin', i could have done it myself, but you saved me lots of time.
and now...
a post--

The planets have all realigned.
The constellations, which were gathered in a hasty handful and thrown carelessly across the black sky, have been set right.
The earth is spinning in the proper direction.
My heart has returned to beating in a rhythm of life.
It soars, in fact.

The heaviness of an empty heart...
The ragged edges of a torn soul...
I shall avoid both, at all costs, from now on.
The night has passed.
The birds are singing, the sun is shining--laughingly--in a blue sky.
...what a wonderful world.

I am ready for a fresh start with this blog, I think.
Well, not entirely fresh.
I like me a little mold--and there's always room for fermentation.
Anyway, you'll see.
More like a clean slate, but without erasing anything.
Just, a change of direction.
I don't know what i'm saying.
and there's nothing new in THAT.

I feel like dancing and singing--
I want to open my soul for you all to see.
the colors are rich and sparkly, and are arranged in layers--
some thick, some thin, and some which come with sound effects.
there is rain in my soul--
life-giving rain, and tear-like rain.
there is the crash of waves against the shore,
and a whistling of wind.
there are all the songs i can't sing on key,
and all the prayers i've ever offered.
and these things are all shuffled together like a drawer full of socks.
...or like stuff shoved under a bed, forgotten.

I love.

had a great workout today.
i figure, if i keep this up,
i could have my shit together by the time i take my lil trip in 3 weeks.
and do you know how great that will be?
3 days in a warmer climate, without my dearest most precious loves--
the kids.
and their cute little skinny legs.
and their great big eyes.
and their...somewhat suffocating love for their crazy mother.
absence makes a mother's heart grow fonder, that's for sure.

tuesday (tomorrow/today) is hair day.
for me.
and for Becky.
and if you're bald now, and you haven't sent me pictures yet--DO SO.
you know you are, sexy.
but don't put it off any longer because i need to feast my eyes...
and update my fantasy file.

am i done here?
i believe so.

"have a good day, and give a good day."
--M. Gundel, high school principal.

(my version? have a good day and give some good head. what???)

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