Sunday, December 26, 2004

it's a beautiful day here

well, i think so, at least.
the sun's not really up yet.
but i am.
woooo hooooo!

it's funny that i am so driven to post,
even when i have nothing to say.

i think it's great that kids believe in santa claus.
i really don't remember what it was like, to believe in him,
but i can remember very clearly believing in other magical people.
i am afraid that my kids have inherited my husband's cynicsm,
because they don't seem very impressed by the idea of some dude and his flying reindeer.
they are little scientists, already, i think!

Today will be a day of cooking and playing,
as there is a christmas party with the in-laws today.

the fucking mouse on this computer keeps doing the strangest things.
it is severely unstable.
i think it needs an intensive program of therapy and drugs.
sounds good--maybe i'll join it.

I am excited for this new year to start.
there are big things in store...
a couple of trips, and a move to the new house, all in the first two months.
in the start of summer, i'll slide headfirst into my 30th year.
that should be wild.
i plan to celebrate for the whole month.
(read: drink heavily and cry a lot)
nah, i'm kidding.
i am actually VERY excited to turn 30.
it's such a pretty number.
so clean and fresh.
i have two kids, a great husband with a great job--
and my own career goals are coming into focus.
how can ya not love 30 when that's your life?
to be fair...
i think i would love it anyway.
i do plan on making some rather grown-up changes this year.
like getting a new tattoo--on my big toe.
and going bungee jumping.
and finding somewhere to volunteer...
probably a retirement home.
not so much new year's resolutions as "i'm turning 30" resolutions.
mark it down.
start shopping early.
nah, i'm kidding.
you can wait til may to start shopping.

so here's what i was thinking about 30:
I am creeping toward it like a giddy graverobber.
you might say this is a subconcious reference to death, getting older, etc.
you would be wrong.
what it REALLY means is that graverobbers are generally giddy when they know there is a treasure in store.
this shows my optimism, that 30 holds a treasure...
i may have made that up as i went, but it sure sounds good.

I have put myself in charge of making plans for New Year's Eve.
for us and, so far, just one other couple.
probably something low key.
none of us want to party hardy.
so i'll keep you posted.
...cuz i'm sure you're all dying to know what the boredest housey wifelet is doing to celebrate the end of 2004.
or the beginning of 2005?

be good, be well, be kind--
or go fuck yourselves.

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Arthur said...

Lisa, Happy New Year and all that stuff. Just wanted to say that I like your writing, keep it going please.

Oh yeah, I also liked your picture on Tony Pierce's busblog. Nice. Real nice. Please keep that stuff going too.