Wednesday, December 22, 2004

i am full of silly spritely sugary sassy energy

so suck it, sycho.
shit! stuck on the 's'es for a minute there.

it's true though.
i'm on fire.
not with a fever, not even in my soul...
in my PANTS.
they tickle...

and here's a thought--
on me, and the vast couldron of hypocrisy in which I'm swimming--
(oooh, that could be a metaphor for utah, but it's not)
i just think it's funny that i am quite anti-medications/drugs,
yet i jump on any skinny pill bandwagon i can find.
rarely take an aspirin, hate cold meds.
what's that? you say this will make me LOSE WEIGHT?? give me a double.
stupid girl.
it IS working, though.
yes, i've also gotten back on the workout bandwagon--
i'd been slacking off, hitting the gym only 3 times a week and cutting my cardio short.
AND watching what i eat--except when i shove holiday treats into my mouth by the armful...
i close my eyes then.

so, last night the husband and I wrestled with my nose ring for long enough to make me cry, bleed and GET NOWHERE WITH IT.
I went to sleep feeling a little let down, and sad--
nearly convinced that my pierced days had come to an end.
I gave it another chance this morning...
Here are the pictures...

I love music.
and life.
and i'm really excited for christmas.
but i've forgotten one very important thing,
so i better get it done today.
happy humping day--

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