Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Because I won't be around til this afternoon--

I'm dashing out a post now.
a post coital post.
whew, boy--
i crack myself up.

dunno if i have anything to say.
this keyboard is loud.

i think my new year's resolution is going to be to reconnect with old friends.
and make some new ones.

court tomorrow.
taking nose ring out.
well, cutting it off...
see, it has a little bulb on the inside, to keep it from falling out,
but the hole has grown closed just enough that it won't come out.
very annoying.

we should also find out tomorrow if we're going to buy this one house.
i sorta hope so, but i sorta hope not.
bah humbug.

I heard this song, on this show.
something by brooks and dunn, and it made me think.
it made me think pretty thoughts, warm thoughts.
it wrapped around me and reminded me of some of the things i keep deepest inside...
things i allude to in here, in these moments of poetic soul purging.
i love the power of lyrics.
i am not a person who knows music for music's sake.
but i know words.
i think there are so many kinds of people in this world and so many ways to see things, that it's amazing any of us ever connect with another human being on more than a shallow level.
i think that some feelings are like tattoos on your soul,
while others are like wind through the leaves.
i am amazed sometimes at the person i am now...
that little mormon girl who moved to utah 11 years ago could have never imagined this life.
and yet...
it fits me like a glove.
a soft, leather glove.
it's MY life.
the one i chose, the one i built.
the one i thrive in.
the one i didn't realize i wanted until i found it.

life is beautiful.

and so are my thighs.
speaking of which, i can't believe i haven't been unabashedly pointing out my amazon wishlist.
oh yeah--maybe that's because it embarasses the hell out of me that i even have it linked.
but that doesn't mean i don't want stuff.
oh yeah...
it's too late for a christmas arrival.
i guess i'll have to throw away all those 8X10 glossies of my--
what a waste.

i shan't be going braless to court, but i'll remove my bindings as soon as i return home.
remind me to post a picture.
happy day--

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