Friday, December 31, 2004

I love poker

Especially when I win.
But even when I don't.
Texas Hold 'em--
cuz it's the "thing" right now.
3 tournaments.
I came out big winner.
hours and hours of entertainment.
once again proving that i'm "one of the guys"...
but sexier.
after that, a couple of hours of black jack.
only bought $5 in chips, but that lasted me an hour.
so it was well worth it.
one of the brothers (of my husband's 5) got a gorgeous set of clay chips for x-mas.
so that's why.
didn't even imbibe.
yes, i'm rather impressed with myself, too.
husband got called in to work, though.
right at the end.
right before i won the pot.
so i had to stay.

and now i can't think straight.
so i'll go.
to sleep?

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