Sunday, May 23, 2004

would somebody kill me...please??

I promise i won't press charges.
i just need a bullet to the head and i'm too whimpy to do it myself.
the reason?
two words: krispy kreme.
and i was raised on dunkin donuts, so to me these are not even that great.
but it didn't stop me from eating no less than THREE of the little bastards last night.
and this is from a girl who doesn't even eat sugar in the form of white flour anymore.
as i was licking my fingers after that last one went down...
i said to my husband, "i'm either going to puke, or pass out. either way, just wanted to say i love you before it all gets ugly..."
he laughed and made fun of me for my over-indulgence.
and you know, i didn't even feel that bad.
so what did i do?
you're damn straight: i had 3 more for breakfast.
and NOW i feel like dying.
i knew i could push it far enough.

you know what's funny?
well, nothing right now.
especially the fact that i probably gained a minimum of 12 pounds.
but what i was going to say is, it's funny that my kids don't have an intellectual concept of what being a twin is.
i mean, they know how it feels, but they don't realize that they're different yet.
i thought that was cool...

phone calls, kids--gotta go.

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