Saturday, May 22, 2004

Housewives gone wild!

well, not exactly.
but last night was fun.

i wore "the" cleavage shirt again.
so that was a hit.

there was beer and pool, of course.
and a live band--doing sort of swing/ska kind of stuff...
and Becky and i were the life of the party.
when we spent the second set dancing on stage we were dubbed "JJ 45 Dancers"
i have no idea what that meant.
good times.

so today's weather has been interesting.
first of all it's chilly--60's.
second of all, it rained for--literally--2 minutes.
it was weird.
and the clouds are cool--with blue spots all over, but rain clouds everywhere else.
shadows on the mountains.
wind blowing.

and hey--who knew?
writing is no easier with an 8 year old talking to me than it is with two 4 year olds.
he's been quietly playing Starcraft since lunch, and now that i've put the boys down for their nap: he's "bored".

i was going to bake him a lovely birthday cake, but when i asked him what kind he wanted, it turns out he wants an oreo cake that he saw at the store.
fine by me!!
good god, i'm lazy.
and scattered.
and annoyed that my computer is falling apart from the outside.
at least it's not the inside, but still.
and not so much "falling apart" as being picked away at by the twinners.
so, less passivity, more aggression.

and i wish his father wasn't asleep so he could entertain the long and lanky one with no front teeth who is flopping around the playroom sighing and declaring boredom.

maybe i'll read all afternoon.
that is, if the little ones ever fall asleep.
damn they're stubborn.

okay, this is going nowhere faster than a bus with no wheels.
so i guess i'll sign off for now.
but i'm itching to do another audio post, and i am going to add some pictures back to buzznet.
so maybe you'll see more of my ornery ass later.
(heh. quite literally, actually)

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