Tuesday, May 18, 2004

well, it's still Tuesday

in my time zone, at least.

I'm really glad i had never heard The Beatles' "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" before i named my babies.
Maxwell Edison sounds an awful lot like Maxwell Edwin (his middle name).
and that song is great...but DAMN! It's just creepy.
what a crazy playlist i'm listening to here.
i'll spare you the details...
not sure you could handle knowing.
i mean, so many decades, so many genres...
i'm almost shuddering myself.

well, there's some lame, annoying shit going on at the high school today.
which means that there are cars parked all the way down to my house.
i feel more than a little claustrophobic.
i'm serious.
and sick--but i think that is an entirely separate issue.
or a separate peace.
or a separate piece.

oh this music...
now i feel like dancing.
with a strobe light.
a disco ball
that sweet smelling smoky stuff they pump out at bad clubs.
--a bubble machine!!
i want my Docs for the mosh pit
i want my jeans...the levi 501's that sit on my hips perfectly
i want to be covered in sweat, hair wild, part of the music.
i want to do john travolta moves, i want to head bang.
i want to swing dance with a tall boy (hi honey).
i want to slow dance with him too...
i want to dance like the flashdance chick.
i want to wear a twirly skirt and spin around in a circle, looking up at the sky...
i wish i had my damn cheerleader uniform, to see if i can squeeze into that puppy!
hmm. maybe i'll look up my coach when i'm home in july.
see if she can hook me up.

well, like i said--it's till tuesday.
so i guess i'll go do some tuesday sorts of things.
like showering, going to the gym and taking the kids to the playground.
those are pretty much Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday things too.
and you wonder why i spend so much time HERE???????
stop wondering.
and know--it's because my life is a leetle bit on the monotonous side.
oh wait, i just remembered--i need to go to the office and pick up a new project.
yee haw!
my favorite spice girl.

have a good day, and seriously: give some good head if you have the chance.
it's your way of making the world a little smilier.

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