Thursday, May 27, 2004

Just got home from watching some goooood porn...

well, that's not what the FCC is calling it.
but for me...
I don't know--nor do i give even the smallest shit--what the critics are saying about this movie.
i loved it.
every minute of it.
although, for all the talk of "men's naked asses"--quite a let down.
i hardly saw enough ass to catch my eye.
if it weren't for Achilles and Paris, I'd have been left cold.
oh, i loved the story in general, i've always loved the Greek mythology, Homer, etc.
so i would have enjoyed it even if it was a cheaply made History Channel special--make no mistake about that.
but day-um.
those boys are purdy.

okay, enough about that.
i went to the movie with one of my very best girlfriends.
one who made the rather abrupt decision to divorce her husband a few weeks ago.
it still seems rather unreal to me, and tonight...
he brought the kids here to hang out with my husband and kids while we went out.
she came here to pick them up.
seeing the two of them putting their sleeping kids in their car---
like i have dozens of other times after an evening of ALL of us hanging out here...
it twisted my heart just a little.
it doesn't seem right, still.

in other news...
my oldest friend left a message on my phone while i was in the theater.
we grew up as sisters--spending more time together than most sisters.
looking alike, talking alike, dreaming alike...
by high school we had had enough of each other and branched out a bit...
although i only learned last year that she felt deserted, left behind.
we needed our space, but as we came home for summers during college we grew together again.
she is amazing and wonderful and wild and free...
she is a sunbird, these past few years--Montana by summer, Arizona by winter.
and the freeway connecting these two places runs through my backyard.
so she stops on her way past, and we catch up.
it's a warm feeling, a feeling of abated homesickness.
on her way south, in the fall she had the interest of a publisher, in her poetry.
i can't wait to hear all her stories and news of the winter.

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