Friday, May 21, 2004

Fantasy Friday

Why is it that i start every fantasy post with the same whining??
the rambling thoughts of a girl with no direction, no plan....
i don't have a thing to write today either.
i'll try...
sometimes i believe that my imagination is limited by my reality.
i won't let myself dream things that could never happen because it hurts too much.
when i imagine things, i live them, so it's easier to not imagine certain scenarios.
if i plan to be a "real" writer, i suppose this is something i'll have to work on.
i have to remind myself that these don't have to be MY fantasies.
hell, half of them haven't been.
deep breaths, drama queen.
depp breaths.
heh. nice typo...i would love to feel johnny depp's breath on my neck...


I climb in through your window, as quietly as the moon in its perch.
my feet bare, i pad across the cool hard floor.
that slow-breathing mound in the shadows is my goal.
i pull my shirt off, step out of my shorts, careful not to hit the creaky board just before i reach your bed.
you sigh and roll over, stretching.
you mumble something and pull a pillow into your chest.
i pause, and turn toward your door, quietly turning the lock.
when i turn back to you, there is a sliver of moonlight across your face and i smile.
this distracts me, so i step on the creaky board after all.
it almost wakes you, but i slide under the blanket before it does.
my skin feels cool to me against your warmth, and i run my hand along your side.
you put an arm around me, rubbing my back, gently.
you're still asleep.
i press myself to you, and kiss your soft, sleeping lips.
you kiss me back, slowly learning that i'm not your dream.
you pull back to look at me for a second, smiling.
you're back...
i have missed you, and i am here to show you how.
my hand slips down and pulls you into me.
how was your trip?
i gently push you from your side to your back, leaning low and nuzzling your neck.
i don't care where i was, all i know is i'm home.
your parents are asleep across the hall, but i couldn't wait.
did you finish your english homework?
i breathe an affirmative into your ear, then shut you up with a kiss--
long and deep, as i grind into you.
the bed squeaks so i slow difficult as it is.
my nails leave marks on your shoulders, my breath tickles your ear...
you hold my hips and rock me against you.
i sit up, one hand on your bedpost, one hand on my breast.
you groan softly and i giggle a "shh"...
we both end up biting pillows to keep from waking your parents with our ecstasy.
i reset your alarm, then snuggle into you.
tightly wound together, we sleep soundly until i must climb back out your window and go home to get ready for school.


so there.
happy friday, happy weekend to you all.

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