Saturday, May 29, 2004

the morning after

as always, here i am--
hungover but happy.
we had a good night last night.
dinner, shopping, bar.
oh, and we ended up with about an hour before we were supposed to meet our friends.
we called my husband's mother.
she wasn't home, so we headed on over and let ourselves in...
boy that kitchen table was wobbly...
and the rug in the hallway was damn scratchy...
and that guest bed was way too bouncy.
but we managed.

so then it was off to the bar.
played some pool, watched the band set up.
and then came one of my old roommates--
the guy who is mostly responsible for me meeting my husband.
i've only seen him once or twice, very briefly since we all lived in that beautiful brick house with the big back yard and the fireplace...
god, i loved that pad.
anyway, it was so, so good to see him.
he's from Argentina, tall, sweet.
he has such a calm presence, and yet he can be alot of fun.
he's getting divorced, but this is not as shattering as the other divorces we've witnessed lately...
they have only been married a year and he even knew she was a wild one.
they had a baby, and i think he hoped it would be her happily ever after.
but it was easy enough for the rest of us to see she will never have one of those--
doesn't want one.
but he did say that his girlfriend of 3 years, my roommate from that house, is moving back to Utah.
i think they'll end up together, even if he doesn't.
she is great---such a kind heart and a fiesty liberal attitude.
and it was nearly a full reunion--our other dear roommate was supposed to come, but ended up stuck at work too late.
this one was recently divorced when i met him, but dating his ex wife.
they were such a volatile couple it was fun to watch at times, but hard...
when he called to say he couldn't make it, the phone was handed to me and we spoke briefly.
i asked how he was doing and he said he hadn't punched any brick walls lately...
i laughed and said that was good.
but just now, i remembered why he punched that wall that night on our laughing way to the bar...laughter spiralling into tears for him.
tears of anger and jealousy.
in his pain of getting over his wife he had tangled into love with me.
i didn't even know yet when he punched the side of that building...
we were only ever friends, as far as i knew--as far as i wanted.
he is dear.
he was a good friend--cute, even.
(columbian, this one.)
but not for me.
he sounded happy, well.
he is just opening a photography studio with a friend.

so there was a really bad band playing, but we danced anyway.
for as little as i drank, i don't remember much.
i hit on a guy, by mistake.
we were both waiting to order drinks, side by side at the bar.
i noticed on his pinky finger a ring--
THE mormon ring...bearing the letters CTR, which stands for choose the right.
as he grasped his pitcher of beer, waiting for change...
i said, "nice ring."
he smiled, "yeah, i always try to..."
I gave him the half-smile and nodded to his golden pitcher...
"mm. that's good choice of beer..."
he laughed. "definitely. i like to think i make good choices."
"i love the irony."
it was funny...but maybe you have to get the mormon thing.

so i've discovered a couple of great blogs.
three, actually.
they are all fairly new, but really well written....
First there is An Extension of Mind.
funny and him!
then there is The Lowland Seed
a very good read...and he likes my nipples, so he can't be all bad!!
and then there is Sanity Adrift
cool guy, check it out.

now i'm off to attempt a new dye job...
this time i am not being stupid about it--
i am going to the girl i know and trust.
i will look good.
i'm having her dye and wax my eyebrows, too.
i love that little prick of pain as she pulls the strips off.
and i love having nice dark eyebrows to match my fakely dark hair...
what a high maintenance girl i'm turning into!!
this is ridiculous.
i'm going to go on strike.
maybe not.
but just don't tell on me, okay?

have a wonderful weekend...

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