Wednesday, May 26, 2004

it's a beautiful day outside

and i feel like a million bucks--maybe two.
I think it's because i didn't skip the gym yesterday.
and i didn't skip beer yesterday...
and i didn't skip sex yesterday.
those are all things which are good to not skip--make a note of it.

I feel just terribly energetic today, it's downright bizarre.
i've been such a lazy lump lately that i'm not sure what to do with myself.
(well, okay, i can always figure out what to do with myself, wink-wink...)
but i feel like i should accomplish all sorts of things with this surprise boost of the wiggles...
don't worry--i won't.
i'll sit here like the lazy ass that i am, ensuring that the balance of the universe remains intact...

i don't know if i can keep writing about nothing for much longer.
i may have to start making things up.
or telling more secrets.
or starting fights...
good god.

i'll probably start working next week.
just writing that, i'm doubting my decision.
i mean....
going to the office??
what the hell was i thinking?
yeah, that'll be fun.
interacting with real people???
giving up the freedom to just mill about the house all day??
don't know...

and now, just like that, the giddiness is gone.
hellllllooooo surliness!!
"hello darlin, it's nice to see ya, it's been a loooong time, you're just as lovely..."
name that artist.
nah, scratch that.
if you can name that artist, i'll slap you.
that's not much of a threat is it??

well, since i can't think of a damn thing to say, without being grumpy, grouchy and generally a big fat bitch...
i guess i'll sign off for now.
but never fear--i'll be back.

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